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Nitro Digital Solutions' team of experts will provide you not only in the assessment of your business processes, but also in the proper and complete implementation of the software - from assessment through implementation, training and ongoing support.

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An efficient and effective organisation needs not only the right people and expertise, but also the right processes. The Nitro Digital Solutions team offers innovative solutions to achieve more efficient processes through the monday.com platform. With this user-friendly system, we can easily customize our customers' processes to increase efficiency, reduce costs and promote competitiveness.

Why should you choose us?

1. Experience

We have extensive knowledge and expertise in process management. We have developed an effective assessment and implementation methodology and work closely with the monday.com team to implement business processes.

2. Customized solutions

Every client is different, so we take a unique approach to each project. The monday.com system gives us the opportunity to offer customized solutions that are perfectly tailored to the way your business operates.

3. Improving efficiency

Our aim is to maximise productivity and optimise processes. Thanks to our team's previous experience, we can easily identify factors that reduce effectiveness and make recommendations to optimise workflows. In this way, we reduce the potential for errors, strengthen performance and improve the quality of workflows.

What is our approach to process improvement?

1. Understanding existing process documentation

In order to comprehend the current processes and stakeholders, it is essential to map out the operations that are in place at the time of the assessment.

2. Review including relevant departments

Face-to-face meetings are essential to discuss the workflows involved, their benefits and difficulties with all the areas concerned and to jointly define the directions for process improvement.

3. Folyamatleírás készítése és véglegesítése

Az előzetesen összegyűjtött információk és egyeztetések alapján rögzítjük a végleges folyamatleírásokat, amelyet a döntéshozók véleményezését követően véglegesítünk.

4. Preparation and finalisation of a process description

Based on the information and consultation gathered beforehand, the final process descriptions will be recorded and complated after the decision-makers have given their opinion.

5. Presentation to decision-makers

he finalized solution will be showcased to key stakeholders in the relevant departments, and adjustments will be made as needed.

6. Education

We provide end-users with detailed descriptions of the processes we have developed, so that they can carry out their tasks effectively in their day-to-day work.

7. Live use support

After the system is transitioned to live operation, users are not left on their own. For a predetermined period following the handover, the Nitro Digital Solutions team will be available to provide support for any questions that arise.

+ 1 Support

In today's dynamically changing world of work, business processes have to adapt quickly, so if you want to keep up with this, you should use our support service. On a bespoke basis, this can include new starter training, entitlement management, system reviews at regular intervals, etc.

Monday.com process management features

Handle incoming tasks and requests with ease.

Unique interface design

We design a form from which the required information is sent to a common interface, without the need for development resources. In the future, you can say goodbye to endless rounds of emails and the hassle of dealing with returned documents. The resulting data request interface can be shared via a link or even embedded in the company intranet.

Developing a unique logic

It is important that the questions and the fields to be filled in are set up according to the right logic, in order to get the information you need to do your job in the right format. To this end, the system provides freely customisable options.

Save time with automation

Leave repetitive tasks behind.
Avoid unnecessary meetings, lengthy email processes, floods of attached documents and more by automating each process step for your organisation.
All of this is tailored to your diverse needs without developer intervention.

Data-driven insights

Dashboards give you a quick view of the big picture, making it easy to identify risks, trends and escalation points.

Stay up to date

Stay up to date

The effectiveness of your teams can be monitored with the freely configurable automatic reminder e-mails and system messages. Whether it's an expiring or upcoming deadline, a change in the status of a task, a task assignment, or the receipt of a new request.

Thanks to automation, we've boosted our project's capacity by eliminating over 40,000 manual tasks within just a few months.

Allie E. Falker (Operations), Falkbuilt Ltd.

More than 180,000 customers rely on monday.com Work OS.